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How to Clean Your AC’s Evaporator Coils

Having a properly working air conditioner has become an essential component of most of our lives, which means preventative maintenance performed on your equipment on a regular basis. When maintaining your equipment, something easy to overlook is the evaporator coil, which will need to be occasionally cleaned to keep up your unit’s effectiveness and efficiency levels.  But not everyone knows how to clean evaporator coil systems, and it’s often something that’s better left to technicians. But if you’d like to …

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Why Your AC Keeps Blowing Fuses

When your HVAC technician lets you know that your AC keeps blowing fuses, you may not fully understand what that means. It’s important to realize that a fuse does not fail without reason. If your air conditioner keeps blowing fuses, the amperage has likely exceeded the limits of the fuse.  If you think you may have blown a fuse in your HVAC system, you can look at our website and schedule a service call. Your HVAC system will have multiple …

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How to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

Heating and cooling are among the largest recurring expenses in any home, so how can you reduce costs without sacrificing your comfort? When it comes to cooling, specifically, there are a variety of things you can do if you are wondering how to make your air conditioner more efficient. By keeping your unit clean and removing any blockage from the air vents, you already give your AC unit the best chance at quickly cooling your space. For central AC units, …

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Guide to Replacing Old Air Conditioning Units

The life span of your air conditioner may have run out. Those frequent visits from your HVAC technician can get tiring not to forget the extreme temperatures in the winter or summer when the air conditioner breaks down. And the only choice would be to replace the entire system or incur costly repairs often. However, the decision on whether to repair or replace an air conditioning unit is not a two-minute process.  There are many factors that you have to …

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ac short cycling

AC Short Cycling: Causes & How to Fix It

Does your air conditioner start working just fine and then stop after a few seconds or minutes? This is called short cycling.  While minor adjustments might be all that’s needed sometimes, in many cases, you will need to call an HVAC professional. All in all, the cause of short cycling must be sorted as soon as possible to avoid facing a premature AC replacement. Understanding Short Cycling The term short cycling refers to a situation where the air conditioner turns …

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