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AC Repair in Fairfax

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a broken air conditioner during blistering summer days. It’s more brutal when this happens in a commercial setting. Not only will your employees find it difficult to focus, but the customers will also be uncomfortable. This is when you need air conditioning repair in Fairfax VA, and Clover Contracting can help – on a PRIORITY basis. Whether it’s your home or business, we can help right the wrong.

Our technicians are fast, experienced, and well-equipped. They’ll arrive in minutes, find the root cause, and fix it for good – all in a few hours. 

Our Expert AC Repair Capabilities

Several companies offer AC repair in Fairfax, but what makes Clover Contracting the right choice is our attention to detail. Nothing escapes from our technicians’ eyes; they pinpoint the problem with precision and fix it on the spot.

The main benefit of this is you won’t have to call us again to fix the same thing because a technician misdiagnosed the problem or didn’t fully resolve it. Here are a few core competencies of our Fairfax AC repair service:

Detailed Diagnostics:

We have the most comprehensive inspection checklist that we use to start the repair process. We go through everything from checking the calibration of the thermostat, electrical wiring, and capacitors to air filters, coils, condensers, and ductwork.

Doing this helps us reach the root cause and discover any potential issues that may cause the AC to break down in the future.

All Kinds of Repairs:

The professional crew at Clover Contracting has repaired hundreds of units in the past, so they are well-versed in handling any problem your AC might have, including frozen coils, thermostat faults, leaking ducts, clogged drains, fan problems, and compressor issues, to name a few. 

Once we discover the problem, we get to work right then and there, which is why most businesses prefer our Fairfax AC repair service. Our crew comes loaded with an arsenal of tools necessary to make your unit as good as new. This saves your valuable time and gets the job done quickly.

Final Operational Test:

Once the guys are done working their magic, your AC will start working like new.

It’ll drop the temperatures faster, consume less energy and stop overheating frequently. The crew will only leave after its satisfied with the performance and all electrical operations.

After Repair Service:

We are considered top service providers for air conditioning repair in Fairfax because we genuinely care for our clients. 

Even after coming back from the job, our team won’t forget you. They will have someone check up on you via a quick call to ensure everything is running as it should.

What Makes Us Virginia’s Best AC Repair Company?

  • Stellar Track Record:

    We’ve consistently won Angie’s Service Award from 2016 to 2019 mainly because of our excellent track record with the customers. You’ll find thousands of people raving about our services with just a Google search. 

  • Speedy Response:

    We never leave our clients hanging – it’s the worst thing to do. When we say we’re going to be there at a specific time, we hold ourselves to that promise. 

  • Master Technicians:

    We bring the A-Team to every commercial AC repair job we go to mainly because we don’t have any average technician working with us. These guys have mastered their AC diagnostic and repair skills after years of practice; they never let it go to waste.

If you need a team of highly trained and licensed professionals for air conditioning repair near Fairfax, then call us; we won’t disappoint – we never do!

What Makes Us Virginia and DC’s First Choice?

Clover Contracting has been the first choice of the businesses of DC and Virginia for 39 years because we stand by these commitments:

Our Commitment to Integrated Sustainability

Everyone here at Clover is big on sustainability – we want to make our world a better place for everyone while also slashing off energy costs for businesses. Being USGB LEED and Green Advantage Certified gives us the understanding and insights to effectively leverage reusable resources and energy-efficient products.

Our Service Team

Every member of our team is a perfect mix of technical and soft skills. They are masters of their craft, but they are also very friendly, humble, and ready to help. From HVAC to Plumbing and Mechanical services – they’ve got licenses and rigorous training to do an excellent job.

Quality and Price Commitment

We do what we love and love what we do, which is why we can offer unparalleled prices. Everyone in our team is deeply passionate about their job, which is reflected in their superior quality of workmanship.

Responsive And Reliable

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