Commercial Air Purification

Did you know indoor air quality contains 2-5x and sometimes even 100x more pollutants than outdoor atmosphere? The longer your employees and customers are exposed to them, the serious the long-term health risks will be. 

However, the GOOD NEWS is; Clover Services has the arsenal of the best commercial air purifier systems, including Plasma Air commercial ionizer air purifier to fight against bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs, and many other hazardous contaminants in the air.

Air purification is at the forefront of making sure that our businesses are safe for employees and customers to occupy. We are now offering commercial air purification systems that can be sized for any HVAC unit. These units are installed in front of the HVAC unit’s condensing coil or inside of the existing duct system.

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What We Can Offer You in Commercial Air Purification

The air quality in Northern Virginia and DC is not as healthy as it was a few decades ago. Due to the bombardment of vehicles and industries, CO2 emission is on the rise. Plus, the back-to-back outbreaks of deadly viruses have made the environment more hazardous. However, the wise business owners in these regions are fighting back with Clover Services’ commercial-grade air purifier systems. 

From commercial HVAC air purification systems to commercial UV air purifiers, we’ve developed various products to target the invisible dangers lurking in the air we breathe. This is precisely why most of the safety-conscious businesses in Northern Virginia and DC choose CloverCo for commercial air purification needs. 

One of our prized commercial and industrial air purifier solutions is Plasma Air. It leverages a unique bipolar ionization process to capture, gather and kill airborne contaminants ranging from lethal viruses, and bacteria to VOCs, pollen, dust, and toxic gases. It is also the widely used commercial air purifier for mold spores to date. 

Here’s another GREAT benefit of using our air purifier for commercial building; it doesn’t create any harmful byproducts – we’ve got certifications and documentation proving its safety.  Businesses and industries have already declared their TOP CHOICE for getting an air purifier for commercial use – now it’s time for you to benefit from our groundbreaking technology. 

Feel free to give us a call; from commercial office air purifiers to commercial air purifiers with UV light and HEPA filters, we’ve got everything to facilitate your needs.

Plasma Air

Plasma Air is the elite air purification product that maximizes efficiency and safety. These units last between 12-15 years with little to no maintenance required. Plasma Air uses a bipolar ionization process to clump, kill, and capture airborne contaminants such as:

– Bacteria

 – Viruses including:

  • H1N1 (Swine Flu)
  • H5N8 (Bird Flu)
  • Bacteriophage MS2 (Covid-19 Surrogate)
  • And Many More
– Mold Spores
– Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
– Duct, Pollen, and Pet Dander
– Gaseous Chemicals
– Odor

Unlike other air purification systems, Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization process creates no harmful byproducts. This process is safe for people and animals.

Bipolar Ionization

Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization system produces both positive and negative oxygen ions. These ions find and neutralize airborne pollutants, resulting in a cleaner and healthier indoor air environment.

Safety & Compliance

  • Listed / Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek – Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL) approved by OSHA.
  • Tested and certified to UL 867 for Electrical Safety and to UL 1995 for Air Hander Application Safety.
  • Manufacturing facilities are audited quarterly by UL/Intertek to ensure product safety and integrity.

What Makes Us Virginia and DC’s First Choice?

Clover Services has been the first choice of the businesses of DC and Virginia for 39 years because we stand by these commitments:

Our Commitment to Integrated Sustainability

Everyone here at Clover is big on sustainability – we want to make our world a better place for everyone while also slashing off energy costs for businesses. Being USGB LEED and Green Advantage Certified gives us the understanding and insights to effectively leverage reusable resources and energy-efficient products.

Our Service Team

Every member of our team is a perfect mix of technical and soft skills. They are masters of their craft, but they are also very friendly, humble, and ready to help. From HVAC to Plumbing and Mechanical services – they’ve got licenses and rigorous training to do an excellent job.

Quality and Price Commitment

We do what we love and love what we do, which is why we can offer unparalleled prices. Everyone in our team is deeply passionate about their job, which is reflected in their superior quality of workmanship.

Responsive And Reliable

Help When You Need It Most

Service Area

Our service area spans across Northern Virginia, ranging from Manassas, Herndon, and Alexandria to Fairfax. HVAC, mechanical, or plumbing, whatever you need help with, we have dedicated teams to jump into action as soon as you give us a ring. That, combined with our top-notch services, means maximum value for your investment.

We Stand By Everything We Do, Read Our Reviews

Still on the fence? Our customers rave about us – have a look at what a few of them have to say:

I used Clover To perform an inspection of a commercial HVAC unit. Tech was awesome - knowledgeable and thorough. I’ll definitely use them again. Call them - you won’t be disappointed.
Eddie Freitas
Eddie Freitas
17:30 29 Aug 21
I had a couple of issues with the AC and Plumbing at our Condo in Reston. I have used Kiddco Plumbing in the past and was very disappointed with their service. Luckily I noticed the bright green Clover Truck in the community parking lot. When the AC went out yesterday, I called Clover and I was quickly able to get an appointment for the AC. I was impressed with the technicians and I signed up for the Gold service package. The AC was serviced, lines cleared, a new circuit board installed and the thermostat replaced. I then had the Clover Plumbing Specialist do a plumbing assessment for the condo and recommended new fixtures and even proposed design suggestions. I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Clover.
Matt White
Matt White
21:05 18 Aug 21
Ryan came out for a free estimate on zoning the HVAC on my floor so that I could have my own thermostat to control my suite independent from the rest of the floor. He took a generous amount of time diagnosing the problem, including climbing up a ladder and getting up on the roof to inspect the system in place. He diagnosed the problem and instead of pushing a much more costly, found the least expensive and most cost effective solution. His price estimate was given later the same day, and the quoted price was fair. Thank you, Ryan!
Nick L
Nick L
01:33 18 Aug 21
Clover Services have been great to me. Whenever I have a job I can't do on my own, I call them. Ronan has come out several times and done excellent work.
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner
19:28 17 Aug 21
Clover has always been my go to. Great customer service and great technicians!! The technician that has been working with us is Ryan Kibler and Ryan is the best that I have worked with. Ryan takes his time to explain the issue and also makes sure you understand the issue. I would 100% recommend Clovet and I would also recommend that you request Ryan as he is some you can trust on what he tells you. Goes the extra mile!
Steve Julias
Steve Julias
20:10 13 Aug 21
Over the years Clover Services has proven to be the most reliable, professional, capable, and cost effective repair service we've ever used. The last time they came to fix a plumbing problem the technician went way above and beyond in ensuring the difficulty was resolved to our total satisfaction. I can't recommend these folks too highly !
Bruce sorrell
Bruce sorrell
20:24 08 Aug 21
Clover is our go to plumber. Many years ago they solved a plumbing / water issue numerous other plumbers couldn’t figure out. In this case they quickly and efficiently fixed a faucet for us.
Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams
16:43 03 Aug 21
Clover Services was great. They were referred to me by a neighbor who had used them before several times. The plumber, German, was timely and professional, patient in answering my questions, was able to diagnose the source of the leak quickly, and efficiently repair the issue. He also was able to take care of a few other minor plumbing tasks that I have been waiting to do during this same visit. I especially liked that the company sent me a picture of the plumber that was arriving so I knew who to expect. I will most definitely call Clover again for any future plumbing needs.
Cynthia Tsang
Cynthia Tsang
17:54 28 Jul 21
Over the years Clover Services has proven to be the most reliable, professional, capable, and cost effective repair service we've ever used. The last time they came to fix a plumbing problem the technician went way above and beyond in ensuring the difficulty was resolved to our total satisfaction. I can't recommend these folks too highly !
Bruce sorrell
Bruce sorrell
20:24 12 Jun 21
We love the guys from Clover - always efficient, detailed and NEVER try to up sell like so many other plumbing and HVAC companies around here. Highly recommend them
Peter Ashkenaz
Peter Ashkenaz
20:40 01 May 21
Clover Services is a local Fairfax company, small enough to be responsive and large enough to be able to cover every aspect of HVAC that I have needed. Their prices are fair, and they've stood behind work, coming back to check and fix things when original work needed it. Their technicians are polite, clean/tidy, and willing to explain the repairs at the level I need. I've had entire systems installed by them, and many small repairs. The annual HVAC contract has been worthwhile for getting the service we need prior to the cold and the heat.
Matt Rice
Matt Rice
16:45 28 Apr 21
Ryan was most professional. He made a quick diagnostic of the problem and gave me options to consider. He talked through his process and made sure that I understood the corrections and the expense. I will be calling Ryan from clover services again. Thank you!
Lynne Udalov
Lynne Udalov
22:48 16 Apr 21
Clover services are outstanding, and I highly recommend them. They did some work on a dryer gas line. All interactions with Clover were great, though the technician did not do a great job on the first pass. What is so impressive about Clover is that when I called them, they sent out a different tech who completely re-did the work to a really high quality level. Though the first pass wasn’t great, Clover’s approach to dealing with it demonstrated to me that they are a company to be trusted and we will work with them from now on.
Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman
22:41 13 Apr 21
Clover was recommended by a neighbor, and I was surprised that our technician Ryan new them by name, including what type of heating system they had. Our appointment was for second estimate, as another contractor recommended that we replace our furnace and hot water heater (turns out out water heater wasn’t permitted and wasn’t to code fir the space). Ryan corroborated the recommended water heater diagnosis, but reassured us that furnace was fine and likely to have more life in it. He explained things clearly, listened to us, and unlike our other estimate, wasn’t a hard sell.
Jennifer Anthony
Jennifer Anthony
15:38 22 Feb 21
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