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HVAC Inspection Checklist: Full Guide

Your HVAC system has been running just fine. But then the heating or the cooling unit just stops functioning. Maybe you have never noticed any unusual signs in the system. Or you could have heard some strange noise or smell. Contrary to what most know, HVAC systems need regular maintenance, regardless of the type and or even how often the system is put in use. While you can carry out some mundane maintenance tasks yourself such as observing strange noise […]

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HVAC Systems

How Bipolar Ionization Works: The Science Explained

The recent coronavirus pandemic has opened up queries regarding infection control measures in spaces where people spend most of their time. With the majority of people now more wary of the presence of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, questions on how these can be controlled, especially in high-density areas have become prominent. Activities such as deep surface cleaning and air purification that were more prevalent in the healthcare industry have now become common practices in restaurants, retail spaces, workspaces, education

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types of air conditioning

What Are Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioning systems come in all manner of types. Deciding which one to purchase can be a hard nut to crack. All air conditioners have similar working components including a compressor, a refrigerant, an expansion valve, condenser coils and evaporator coils. However, they differ based on the basic principles by which they operate. When choosing an air conditioning system, various factors should be considered. For instance: the size of the area you want to be cooled, the cost, and the

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mold in air conditioner

What Causes Mold In AC Units?

You just noticed a moldy smell in your home or car. But your air conditioner is working perfectly. On a closer look, you can spot a significant amount of mold. Horrific! Not only is the presence of mold in your air conditioner an ugly sight, but it also exposes you to harmful and unhealthy conditions. If not removed, you could soon start experiencing health issues such as allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. And since your home cannot function without

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