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The novel coronavirus caused massive disruptions for businesses, especially brick and mortar institutions around the globe. Countries worldwide had to take refuge in multiple lockdowns driving commercial places to shut down for extended periods. 

Now when businesses are reopening, preparing for re-occupancy is more crucial than ever. From HVAC to Plumbing – everything needs to be inspected and serviced for protection against the COVID19 and bacteria, pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants.

Not Preparing Can Delay Occupancy:

Although the lockdowns are being relaxed and businesses are reopening, the lethal virus is still there. It’s lurking in the environment packed with all of its lethality – accompanied by several equally fatal strains. NOW is the time to take action and get building re-occupancy preparation services to secure your customers and staff from the horrors of this deadly virus. 

Failure to implement necessary preparations can result in the spread of infection among the staff as they’ll be exposed to customers every day. This can call for a building-wide lockdown – you’ll be losing business while your competitors who prepared for re-occupancy will be raking in profits. 

Take The Proactive Approach – Secure Your Facility:

It’s time to ACT and secure your facility before it’s too late. The building is not just vulnerable to the COVID19 outbreak; several other viruses, bacteria, allergens, and various contaminants are out there in the air and water. 

You need an HVAC inspection to ensure everything from the air filters to fans and motors is clean and free from the risk of contamination.  

The same goes for waterworks; you need plumbing inspection to ensure the water used in your building is safe and free from the risk of cross-contamination.

The closer we get to re-occupancy, the more in demand Plumbers, HVAC technicians and supplies will be to access.

BOMA and AOBA advises performing the services listed below for the health of your building and tenants prior to occupancy.

Preparing Building For Re-Occupancy

HVAC Inspection Checklist

  • Inspect the ducts for mold and bacteria.
  • Clean and sanitize the duct system.
  • Clean and sanitize the registers grilles and diffusers.
  • Replace the air filters with MERV 8-12 filters.
  • Clean the evaporator coils with a bacteria-fighting chemical.
  • Clear and flush the drains for all systems.
  • Operate all cooling systems for the building for six eight hours to dehumidify the building.
  • Check humidity levels during testing to ensure a change in humidity.
  • Check the cooling operation to make sure all controls are operational.
  • Grease and oil all motors then exercise all valves.

Preparing Building For Re-Occupancy

Plumbing Inspection Checklist

  • Test Main Valves where water service enters the building for operation on all equipment
  • Test and certify Main Water Backflow Preventer to manage & Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Test and certify Irrigation Backflow Preventer to manage & Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Flush any & All Storage Tanks
  • Water Heater Inspection
  • Flush Water Heater to remove bacteria & sediment for more efficient operation
  • Inspect elements and burners on water heaters for energy efficiency
  • Test & Inspect Pressure Relief Valve for safety
  • Building flush and test
  • Flush building water system
  • Give survey and results to the building owner
  • Operate all valves and fixtures for operation
  • Repair parts for replacement items will be added.

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