Are Air Purifiers Safe for Homes with Pets?

Having a pet in your home can be a wonderful experience. Most of us have pets and know how much of a joy they are to have around. However, if you have pets, you know that they can also cause you some issues, such as pet dander, loose hair, and bringing pollen into your home. What would be the best way to solve this? An air purifier, but the question is, is there a safe air purifier for home with pets? Clover Contracting wants to make sure that your pets are kept safe, they are always happy to answer your questions.

How will an air purifier help my home?

         Indoor air quality (IAQ) is far more important than most people realize. Pollution is something that we deal with every day, especially in the big cities. We breathe in everything from car fumes, tobacco smoke, even bacteria daily. We don’t consider that it gets in our home and stays there, where we are forced to breathe it in.

         Using an air purifier, especially a high-quality air purifier, will benefit your home. They will remove all the dander, bacteria, pollen, and other contaminants will leave a better IAQ for you and a better IAQ for your pets. However, if you’re looking for an air purifier safe for pets, there are products that you cannot use with certain types of animals in your home.

How does unpurified air affect our pets?

         While we regularly leave our homes and can breathe in outside air. Our pets are often trapped in the home, with all the polluted air. If you are smoking in your home, you are risking your own health, but you are also putting your pet’s health in danger. 

This is a common reason some pets, especially dogs, can develop serious health problems, including cancers – lung cancer, bladder cancer, and nasal cancer are the most common. But are air purifiers safe for pets? Yes, and no. Most air purifiers are perfectly safe, but not all of them.

Which air purifiers are the best for your pets?

Most air purifier companies will want to make sure that they can provide a quality product to you, or at least one that will not get them in trouble. Air purifiers must be put through tests to assure that they are safe for your home before they are able to be put on the market. That test will include the basic things like being operated around your average household pets.

Are ozone air purifiers safe for pets? No, there is at least one animal that it can be deadly towards. If you have birds in your home, then an ozonator or “Ionizer” may kill your pet. An ozonator works by killing all the bacteria, smells, and bad things in the air and leaving behind pure oxygen. Birds are at risk when pure oxygen content is too high. So, if you have birds in your home, you should consider staying away from ozonators or anything with the word ionizer in its name.

A quality air purifier equipped with a true HEPA air filter and a carbon pre-filter will be the best option for your home. With this system, the air will travel through the carbon filter first, which will catch all the larger items. The mold spores, allergens, dander, and things like that. Then it will pass through the HEPA filter, which should filter 99.7% of the contaminants down to 0.3 microns. These will filter anything left except for the smallest and most miniscule products out of your air. Leaving clean breathable air behind. This will be one of the best air purifiers for homes with pets.

Another option will be a UV-C filtration light. This is an ultraviolet light that as the air passes by it, the ultraviolet light reacts with all the bacteria, mold, and germs and kills them instantly. This is also a good option to use in conjunction with the HEPA + Carbon filter set up, because the HEPA filter does only catch germs and bacteria but does not kill them. This will give you the extra piece of mind that the germs have been eliminated, not just sitting in your air purifier.

Filters that are “permanent” or washable should also be avoided. It may seem like a good idea, and it may save you money because you will not have to buy more filters, but these do not work as well as you hope. Once they get gummed up, it can be hard to wash them out. And once you start washing them out, they lose some of their filtering capabilities and will continue to do so every time you wash them out.

Units that say they have a permanent filter are wrong. A permanent filter cannot last without being changed or washed. It will begin to become full of dirt and junk until it is no longer doing its job and will need to be thrown away. Therefore, you should not purchase a cheap purifier to try and save money. Overall, you will save money by purchasing a quality air purifier from the beginning. These are not good air purifiers for homes with pets.

Benefits of air purifiers for homes with pets

         Once you have your air purifier working properly you can come home to a fresh clean smelling home, instead of walking into a house that smells like a dog. We tend to get used to our own animal smells as well as other smells from the home, but when you have company over it can be embarrassing to know your house smells. With the proper air purifier, you do not have to worry about that anymore. You can invite your guests over to a clean smelling home without a second thought. 

         We think that pet dander and pollen only affect us, but it affects our pets too. Watching our animals sneeze or rub at their nose may seem cute, but it could be because we are not giving them the IAQ that they deserve.

         With an air purifier running you will be less likely to have bacteria and germs in your home. If the filter is doing its job and catching or eliminating the bacteria and germs in your home, then you may begin to feel healthier. You will not be breathing in all those bad things anymore.

         You and your pets may have a better quality of life. Let us face it, it is hard on our lungs to breathe in pollutants all day, and the same goes for our animals. If we can surround ourselves with cleaner air, to where our body does not have to fight off the germs and bacteria as much, then that frees up more energy for us to live our lives. Cleaner air means you and your pets have a more meaningful life.

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