Hydro Jetting for Sewers

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Hydro Jetting for Sewer Lines

As a homeowner, you’re always faced with the risk that your sewer pipes and drains will eventually be clogged by grease, tree roots, hard water, and all kinds of trash. When that happens, you have no option but to find means of unclogging them.

There are several methods to unclog your sewer pipes.  But the most effective method is hydro jetting. It comes highly recommended by plumbing experts.

Sewer hydro jetting involves the use of special plumbing inspection cameras that are attached to a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. Once the clogs are identified, the clogged pipes are sprayed with high-pressure water jets to flush out the debris blocking the pipes.

Hydro jetting a sewer line has far more advantages compared to the traditional methods. Here are the top six reasons to choose hydro jetting for your future sewer pipes cleaning jobs.

1. Hydro Jetting A Sewer Line Is Non-Invasive And Economical

Sewer hydro jetting does not require the digging up of your lawn, backyard, or basement to enable plumbing technicians to reach the sewer drains. What is required during hydro jetting sewer is just the hydro jetting hose.

Digging up your backyard or basement is a time-consuming, tedious and expensive process. If you have to do this every time your sewer line is blocked, you will leave a big trail of destruction and even completely damage your backyard or basement. But with hydro jetting, this won’t be necessary.

The hydro jetting hose is usually long enough to move the full length of your drains via the drains’ exit. So when the high-pressure water is turned on, the hydro jetting hose can reach all sections of the sewer pipes and in the process clear all the clogs in your sewer pipes.

2. Sewer Hydro Jetting Does Not Leave Residue

If you are looking for a drain cleaning method that is very effective, then think hydro jetting. The method does not leave residue on your pipes as the water used is under high pressure. This makes it possible to clear out even the most stubborn or severe clogs leaving your pipes clean as a whistle.

Other plumbing methods can unclog your sewer pipes including removing grease and oil. But their effectiveness cannot compare to that of hydro jetting. These methods will always leave traces of residue on your pipes.

When residue traces are left behind, they can build up or grow up into clogs in the future. These will block your pipes again, creating a never-ending cycle of clogging and unclogging. 

Worse still, these residue traces may eventually combine to form hard-to-break clogs that may not be possible to flush out using any method. This could force you to dig up the entire sewer line at some point. To prevent this, choosing the hydro jetting sewer method is recommended because it will clear all the debris.

3. Hydro Jetting Cleans Even Hard-To-Reach Pipe Sections

While a plumbing snake or sewer line cleaning chemicals can remove some clogs, their effectiveness in cleaning the full length of the pipes is not a guarantee.

Fortunately, with hydro jetting, the high-pressure water used is shapeless and can fill up your pipes and ensure the entire length is cleaned. This means that you will reach and clean even clogs that are deep down in the drain and those that may have formed in hard-to-reach areas. Also, even if your sewer line has curved pipes, hydro jetting will take care of every nook and cranny.

Because of the versatility and thoroughness of hydro jetting, it is ideal for cleaning a wide range of premises including those with complex sewer line systems. This includes both industrial and commercial premises. Hydro jetting a sewer line will remove any industrial clogs that may be impossible to remove using any other method.

4. It Is Environment-Friendly

Hydro jetting utilizes high-pressure water only. This makes it very eco-friendly compared to other methods that involve the use of chemicals or having to dig up entire basements and lawns.

Some of these chemicals are very strong and potentially hazardous to animals and human beings. And, even though they are used in the sewer system, they may eventually end up in the ecosystem.

When hydro jetting, the key thing is to get the water pressure right. This means that it can be done even with limited water because what matters is the pressure and not the amount of water available. The appropriate pressure will break up and remove any clogs.

5. Sewer Hydro Jetting Limits Direct Exposure To Sewage

In plumbing work, you are very likely to come into contact with all kinds of debris and also raw sewage.  Furthermore, some mechanical plumbing methods can cause the backflow of sewage into your home, which may expose you or the plumbing technician to raw sewage.

But when a hydro jet is used, sewage exposure is very limited. In fact, in most cases, you will not come into contact with the sewage. This makes hydro jetting a cleaner and safer method.

Hydro jetting sewer line reduces the possibility of raw sewage flowing back into your home. The high-pressure water used can quickly and safely clear all kinds of clogs in your sewer line and re-establish smooth drainage. This reduces the chances of sewage backflow.

6. Portability and Convenience

Hydro jetting equipment is electric-powered, making the method quite convenient. Furthermore, hydro jets are manufactured in different sizes depending on the pressure force to be applied. A plumbing professional has a wide range of hydro jets to choose from depending on the pressure force required to unclog pipes while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the pipes.

This means that sewer hydro jetting can happen in almost all spaces including offices, homes, hotels, industrial plants, and restaurants, among others. It is also ideal in emergency situations where convenience and ease of movement are critical.

The other methods can be very cumbersome and time-consuming, leaving hydro jetting as the ideal solution for cleaning sewer lines.

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