Five Possible Causes Of High Water Bills

Five Possible Causes Of High Water Bills

Finding that your water bill has suddenly skyrocketed can be an all too scary surprise. You have no idea what caused the sudden hike in cost and when you ask your water company or your city to check that if it was a mistake, you find out that it wasn’t. You didn’t leave the tap on or take too long of a bath to cause such a huge water bill but you don’t know what could have caused it either.

There are actually many potential answers to the question of “why is my water bill so high?”, many of which are often dismissed as you and your family go about your daily lives. Referred to as silent leaks due to the fact that there’s no obvious sign of water pooling in sight, the only time you find out about them is when you’re given a high water bill. Thankfully, many of these silent leaks are fairly easy to fix, and if caught in time, only have you pay a single high bill.

To help you narrow down what may be the reason, we’ve collected some of the most common high water bill causes that you should check out. If any of them are too complicated to fix by yourself or need a more professional touch to repair, call Clover Contracting to get an estimate and quick and efficient work no matter when you call us.

Leaking faucets and valves

One of the more common reasons that you might be finding that your water bill is too high is that one or more of your faucets or valves are leaking. While the constant drip of the leak from your tap may not seem all that drastic at first, it can slowly build up over time and lead to a very high cost. At the rate of a single drip every second, you might end up wasting an entire 20 liters of water in a day. 

Thankfully, fixing a leaky valve or a dripping tap is a relatively quick fix that many homeowners – and business owners – can fix themselves. Depending on the type of faucet your sink has, fixing the leak can be as simple as replacing a few washers, seals, o-rings or adding a layer of leak seal tape. Valves can also just be tightened if they simply become loose, and for an added bit of security, the leak seal tape can be used here too. 

If you still find that your water bill is high, call a technician to check. You might also want to check any of the other possible causes before calling.

A leaking or frequently running toilet

Another of the most common high water bill causes is that your toilet is leaky or frequently running. Depending on the toilet and how eco-friendly it can be, a single flush uses anywhere between 6 to 32 liters of water. While that seems like quite a lot, in the course of an entire month that can be only about a quarter of a household’s water usage. However, a leaky or running toilet can end up wasting 330 liters a day or even more. 

When it comes to fixing a running toilet, it’s recommended that you call a technician or plumber. While you can more than likely fix it yourself, the main cause of the toilet running may be more complicated than a loose flapper seal or a stuck float arm. If you do want to check the toilet yourself, make sure to ensure that any connections are also properly fitted and tight. 

Your water heater may be leaking

In some cases one of the answers to “why is my water bill so high?” is that your water heater may be leaking, causing a high water bill. Though this typically affects tank water heaters more often than tankless models, they both can be one of the reasons why. If you’ve had the water heater for a while, there’s a high chance that the constant changing of weather caused the metal to expand and contract until it broke. 

Normally, this can be incredibly dangerous if the water spreads from the bottom to any electric appliances nearby, but leaks can also happen from the top of the water heater. These leaks are far easier to fix and don’t require you to look into major repairs or replacements. 

Simply check any valves and connections above the tank and tighten them, making sure to check the rest of the piping to ensure that those aren’t the cause either. 

If you have a tankless water heater instead, you may not need too extensive of a repair. A few parts may need replacements or you might need to reinstall the water heater, depending on what caused the leak. When it comes to fixing either type of water heater though, it’s almost always recommended that you call a technician to get it checked out and repaired.

High seasonal water costs

One of the more causes of why your water bill is high with no leak is that your seasonal water costs are high. When the heat of summer really hits and everyone starts hosting parties, your daily water use tends to increase. Hotter days typically mean that people need more ways to cool off, and when combined with pools getting filled and kids being home for the summer, more water is used than any other time of the year.

Some of your other appliances may be leaking

If none of these are the cause and you’re not facing the usual seasonal cost increase, another reason as to “why is my water bill so high?”, is your other appliances. While it may not be your toilet or sink, the other connections to your dishwasher or washing machine can also leak. Check the seals around the appliances’ doors in addition to the connections, making sure to tighten or replace them if needed. 

Calling a technician or plumber is a good idea if you suspect that the cause of the leak is further inside than you expected.


There are many other potential causes that can lead to a sudden hike in the monthly cost of your water bill. If neither of these seem to be the cause, you will more than likely need to call a plumber. Check for any outdoor leaks as well, and if none of your outdoor faucets are leaking, you might be dealing with a far more severe plumbing issue or even a collapse. 

To ensure that you have the help you need quickly, call Clover Contracting today.

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