How to Clean A Dirty Flame Sensor

Furnaces are an important part of our home’s daily environment. During the late fall and winter months, furnaces are often used to provide our families with warm air to push away the cold of the outdoors. However, furnaces are also very complex pieces of machinery, even though sometimes, some repairs seem to be quite simple. When your furnace’s flame sensor becomes dirty, the entire system can stop. Thankfully, the furnace flame sensor is one of the system’s easiest components to …

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resetting furnace

Easy Ways to Reset a Furnace: Five Steps

With fall just around the corner, many people are taking into consideration the state of their own furnaces. They see quite a lot of use in the later months of the year, providing homes and businesses across the United States with a warm and comfortable environment. However, there comes a time where your furnace seems to malfunction or stop working entirely. In some of the simplest of cases, many people might find a lot of benefit from doing some of …

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furnace air flow

What You Should Know About Your Furnace’s Air Flow

Heating is one of the most vital systems in our homes. When it comes to cold wintery days and nights, we rely on them to keep our homes and our families warm and comfortable. As a result, our homes’ central heating sees quite a lot of work, much like the cooling systems work overtime during the hot summer days. In order to make sure that our furnaces work as they should, many homeowners take some of the simpler care and …

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Gas furnace burner

How to Clean Gas Furnace Burners

Did you know that dirty burners can prevent your furnace from working optimally? Cleaning the gas furnace burners is a vital maintenance step. And you will be surprised to know that you can do it yourself.  Ideally, gas furnaces should be cleaned at the onset of every cold season. While gas furnace burners cleaning is part of a professional furnace tune-up, you might not have the time to schedule an HVAC technician to clean them, or you might want to …

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