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Restaurant Drain Cleaning

Restaurant Drain Cleaning: The Basics

Safety in your restaurant is something you do not want to compromise. Besides the safe storing, handling, and food preparation, you cannot afford to overlook restaurant drain cleaning. In a typical restaurant, lots of food scraps, oils, and grease end up down the facility’s drains. This waste puts your plumbing system at risk of getting clogged or developing serious plumbing problems in the future. The accumulation of debris in the drain may cause a host of problems that may spell …

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Roof Vents

What Are Different Types Of Roof Vents?

Roof ventilation is vital regardless of the weather conditions. When it gets hot, it helps get rid of the excess heat in a home. Similarly, roof ventilation in a cold climate prevents the formation of ice dams on your roof. Regardless of whether you are adding roof vents to your attic or deck, knowing the different types of roof vents, how they function, and their suitability to your home will help you choose the right vent to install in your …

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Heating Systems

Boiler Vs Furnace: Full Guide With Pros and Cons

Most homes are heated with either boilers or furnaces. However, the decision on which heating system to pick can be confusing for many people. And in most instances, homeowners use the terms boilers, furnaces, and even boiler furnaces interchangeably. Understanding boilers and furnaces in depth can not only help you decide on which system to install but also help you maintain your heating system better and avoid unwarranted costs.  Let’s start with boilers. How do they work? A boiler system …

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