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5 Signs That You Have Leaky Air Ducts

Does your home seem stuffier than normal? Maybe you also have mysteriously rising energy bills and unexplained dust build-up on furniture?

If these statements ring true for you, then it might be time to play detective! We’ve created this post to guide you through the telltale signs of leaky ductwork systems so you can spot leaky air ducts – making the invisible visible.

At Clover Contracting, we believe in arming you with all the knowledge necessary to keep your home safe and comfortable. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, don’t worry; our expert technicians are just a call away to save the day!

5 Signs of leaky air ducts

If you notice any of the following signs or a combination of them, your ductwork is likely leaking and in need of repair.

1. Difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature

Leaky air ducts may be easily detectable when you experience extreme difficulty in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. If, even after multiple thermostat adjustments, it still doesn’t feel right, there could be a leak. If this is the case, it may be that the leak is wreaking havoc on your airflow patterns and thermostat readings. 

2. Uneven heating and cooling in rooms 

Suppose some rooms of your house feel like winter wonderlands while others feel more like tropical rainforests; this could be a telltale sign of leaky air ducts. Hot or cool air may escape through leaks before reaching certain rooms causing uneven distribution of your heating or cooling.

3. Higher monthly bills 

Have your energy bills been steadily increasing even though your usage hasn’t changed? Leaky air ducts could be the problem. When air slips through the gaps, your entire system is forced to work harder in order to compensate, leading to increased energy usage and higher bills.

4. Dust, dust, dust! 

A recent (and unexplainable) increase in dust accumulation is another telltale sign of an air duct leak. Leaks can let in air from spaces like the attic or basement, pumping dust to every part of your home. 

5. Odd noises from your system

Hearing hissing or whistling from your system? It might be the sound of air slipping through the duct leak. Don’t ignore these sounds as they may add up to significant air loss from your system.

Why you should address leaky ductwork 

While you can technically leave a leak in your ductwork, there are more benefits to fixing it. 

  • Enhanced indoor air quality: By fixing leaky air ducts, you can significantly decrease dust and other pollutants from entering your home and improve your indoor air quality. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from asthma or respiratory challenges.
  • Energy Efficiency: Sealed ducts ensure your heating and cooling systems operate at peak efficiency, cutting energy consumption and saving on utility costs. Furthermore, better functioning systems often last longer.
  • Safety: Leaky ducts can let in harmful gasses like carbon monoxide from appliances like furnaces, water heaters and dryers. Fixing these leaks helps to ensure the safety and well being of your household. 

How to locate leak(s)

If your ductwork is leaking, it is vital that you locate all leaks so as to focus on problem areas and find solutions quickly.

  • Visual Inspection: One way to detect leaky ducts is with a visual inspection. Look out for sections where ducts have become separated or damaged and check to see if foil tape or sealant on your ducts has peeled or missing sections. These signs can indicate a potential leak.
  • Use a smoke pencil or a stick of incense: Light a smoke pencil or incense stick near the seams of your ducts and observe its smoke. If you notice movement – blowing away or drawing back into the duct – this indicates a leakage issue.
  • Inspection by a professional: Though some leaks can be discovered through visual inspection alone, others require professional assessment by HVAC technicians who possess specialized tools and trained eyes capable of detecting even the tiniest leaks. 

How to fix and prevent leaky ductwork

Fixing leaky ductwork may appear simple, but for optimal results it should be handled by professionals.

For easy-to-reach leaks, you can apply metal tape or mastic sealant, depending on the severity of the leak of course. That said, this often only provides a short-term solution.  

Professional HVAC technicians possess all of the tools and expertise to deliver comprehensive repairs, from obvious leaks to hidden ones. Professional ductwork repair will ensure the issue has been fully addressed. On the other hand, DIY attempts may leave incomplete repairs that lead to further issues later.

Seek the advice and help of a pro HVAC technician. It will benefit your bills and your system in the long run. 

Here are a few ways to prevent future leaks:

  • Regular Inspections and Cleaning: Scheduling regular professional inspections can help identify any potential problems early. Experts typically suggest scheduling one every two or three years depending on your HVAC system’s age and condition.
  • Seal Your Ductwork Properly: Make sure all joints and connections in your ductwork are adequately sealed using either mastic sealant or metal tape, and regularly check these seals for signs of wear and tear.
  • Insulation: Insulating your ducts can help to improve their energy efficiency. It also will protect them from fluctuations in temperature that can leak to condensation and more leakage issues. 

By maintaining proactive care of your ducts, you can help prevent leaks and protect the overall health of your HVAC system. A well-kept HVAC unit provides immense comfort and savings benefits.

Got a leak? We’ve got the solution.  

Your ductwork is the respiratory system of your home, providing fresh air while clearing away stale air. A leak puts strain on other components, leading them to overwork themselves and eventually break down. Clover offers our professional expertise for repairs of leaky ductwork systems at home or businesses. 

No matter the size or age of your HVAC system, each step you take towards keeping it running efficiently and lasting as long as possible is essential. From identifying and sealing leaks to scheduling professional inspections and maintenance appointments – every action helps prolong its lifespan.

If you need professional assistance for your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Clover Contracting. We’ll help get your system all fixed up so you and your home can breathe easy again. 

Don’t fret over your ductwork. Book an appointment with Clover Contracting today.

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