virus and contaminant removal

Virus & Contaminant Removal

virus and contaminant removal

Virus & Contaminant Removal

You Can Now Remove Up To 99.99% of Viruses and Other Surface & Airborne Contaminants In Your Home Or Office

Airborne & Surface Contaminant Removal

Clover Services is now offering air purification units for businesses and homeowners with air quality concerns. Extensive laboratory testing at Kansas State University showed that these products reduce at least 96.4% and as much as 99.99% of surface and airborne contaminants within the first 24 hours of installation. The air purification systems have been proven to combat viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi in the air and on surfaces.


ActivePure technology is used every day in homes across the world. These products are also installed in hospitals, hotels, daycares, athletic facilities, and at the Liberty Bell and Ground Zero museums. Sizing options are available to fit any setting.


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Air Purification At Home
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The Technology

We have teamed up with Aerus Enterprise Solutions to bring ActivePure technology to your home or business. ActivePure uses a honeycomb matrix to absorb microscopic oxygen and water molecules to created oxidizers that seek out and destroy contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Studies showed that 90% of measured airborne pathogens were reduced in only 30 minutes, a rate 50 times more effective than normal filtration.

Honeycomb Matrix Contaminant Removal
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Product Options For Every Home or Business

When it Comes to Your Health and Safety- Don’t Settle For An Inferior System

We offer air purification options for all homes and businesses. The purification system is installed by one of our trained technicians inside of the air duct and out of sight. Sizing options include 500 square feet, 3000 square feet, 5000 square feet, and 10000 square feet units.

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Virus and Contaminant Removal
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