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Clover service agreements include 2 maintenance checks per year.  These maintenance checks will cover all the following elements that apply to the installed equipment:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Voltages and amperages
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Relays and contactors
  • Filters
  • Electric Heat packages
  • All system Safety Devices
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Electrical connections
  • Fan limit switch
  • Motors, fan blades, fan wheels
  • Vibration issues
  • Odd or unusual noises
  • Coil condition
  • Thermostat operation

In addition, Clover will discount all repairs HVAC or plumbing during the 1-year period covered by the service contract by 10%.  If a humidifier is on the contract, Clover will supply and install one pad during the heating season maintenance for an additional fee.  If a media filter is on the contract, Clover will supply and install one filter during the cooling season maintenance for an additional fee.

How does a Clover Service Agreement benefit you, the customer?

  • Preferred Service – As an agreement holder, you will receive priority service. Clover will respond to our policy holders as soon as possible.
  • Extends the Life of Your Equipment – Planned maintenance can and will help your equipment last longer than it would without maintenance.
  • Safety – Having a technician examine all the safety devices will help ensure your unit operates properly and safely.

Sign up for one of our affordable preventative service plans. With regular maintenance, you can keep your HVAC unit in top-notch condition. Avoid premature breakdown of parts, ramp up energy efficiency, and increase your unit’s lifecycle up to 30 percent. During a regular maintenance visit, our technicians arrive with a long checklist of tasks to perform, such as lubricating motors, checking electrical wiring, charging the refrigerant, and looking for refrigerant leaks.